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Our mission is to bring awareness to concerns regarding the effects of autonomous vehicles on the displacement of driver's jobs, liability, and safety on public roadways.

There's a need for people to stand in America right now, not for prosperity or popularity but for truth and the betterment of humanity. America Without Drivers is standing for the middle-class American drivers and those abroad and those in the ripples of the autonomous wake. If you feel a calling to be a part of the mission, please join and stand with us.

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America Without Drivers
America Without Drivers

Automatic Transportation

A fully autonomous future threatens to put nearly a million truck drivers out of work. While governments and large corporations push bills and laws into place to pave the way, the safety factors involved with 80,000lb unmanned vehicles on our roadways hasn't even been fully addressed. Not to mention the economic impact for millions of families across the country that rely on the trucking industry.

What can, and should, be done to protect our workers?

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They say it's TuSimple?

The Promise

But is it really too simple

The Debate

Tucker Carlson vs Ben Shapiro

  • The covid-19 pandemic will accelerate
    change in the world economy.


America Without Drivers was founded by a veteran of the transportation industry in order to promote awareness and advocacy to prolong the transportation industry careers that so many American's depend on to provide for their families. This was founded in 2019. We promote awareness of emerging technology, job displacement, safety issues and provide a watch tower for regulatory issues. We are not against any form of technology simply concerned for the drivers jobs and safety of the general public.

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