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Mid-Term Elections Matter

This year more than ever, it’s important that you pay attention to your District. 

Below you will find the steps and links for you to verify if your District Representative supports your job. Click on the links below to learn if your Representative is focused on growing, saving or outsourcing your job.

Step 1

Find your district by county

Here's How:

Find your District Map 

district map

Senate District Map

House District Map

Tap and Zoom In on Map and Select your District

Step 2

Find your Representative / Candidates

Visit, a digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections.

Click on 2022 Elections
Click on State Legislatives
Scroll down to Elections by State
Click on your state and you will see your district, and who is running for each party.
Click on their name to read about each candidate

Step 3

Bio – Think ☁️

Your Job Matters.

Do Candidates protect your job, create jobs or outsource your jobs?

"Where do these candidates/Representatives Stand?"

Step 4

Find Your Place to Vote

2022 election

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Let your voice be heard.

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